VP Debate: Pence, Harris clash over COVID-19 response, court packing, transfer of power | HIGHLIGHTS

Trading barbs through plexiglass shields, Republican Mike Pence and Democrat Kamala Harris at times turned the only vice presidential debate of 2020 into a dissection of the Trump administration’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

The meeting, which was far more civil than last week’s chaotic faceoff between President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden, unfolded against an outbreak of coronavirus now hitting the highest levels of the U.S. government.

Pence took aim at Democratic Senator Kamala Harris, accusing her of not doing enough to enact criminal justice reform during her time in the U.S. Senate and pressed her on if her party planned to “stuff the court” if elected.

Meanwhile, Harris said a Joe Biden administration would’ve responded more forcefully to news reports that Russia allegedly paid bounties for U.S. servicemen and women.

Pence was non-committal when asked to clarify U.S. President Donald Trump’s position when it comes to the peaceful transfer of power in the event of a Joe Biden win in the November 2020 presidential election.

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